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Le Petit Basque Dairy in St-Médard-d’Eyrans

« Nous travaillons des produits frais traditionnels issus de notre collecte laitière 100% française »


Hubert Martin


The Le Petit Basque brand was created by the Alcachébury family, based near Bordeaux, in 1959 and since then we have developed a well-established reputation for quality curd and sheep’s milk yoghurt. Since the 80s our dairy has also branched out into luxury desserts. We entered the SILL fold in 2014 and we have done the group proud thanks to our traditional know-how, finest product quality and strong family spirit. Each year the production from our factory in Saint-Médard-d’Eyrans in the Gironde region reaches 19, 000 tonnes or 146 million pots.

What makes us stand out?

We have perfected true specialist skill in the field of processing sheep’s milk and producing luxury desserts. Working only with fresh products, our dairy is the French market leader for sheep’s milk yoghurts.

We have always used cardboard pots for packaging our curd and these pots are produced on the same site as our factory, thereby ensuring a ready supply and allowing us a great deal of flexibility as well as a reduced carbon footprint.

True artisanal craftsmanship

Our production process may be automated but it nonetheless remains fundamentally artisanal as we use simple, authentic, additive-free recipes combining just a few choice ingredients. We pay particular attention to the high quality of our sheep’s milk sourced from local family-run farms in the Dordogne, Tarn-et-Garonne and Aveyron regions. Over the years we have built up a relationship of trust with sheep farmers who do their utmost to provide us with outstandingly high quality milk.

Thanks to our deep understanding of the raw ingredients we use, we can adapt our recipes for different types of milk. We work with cow’s and sheep’s milk, both conventional and organic, as well as goat’s milk and even plant-based milk to make our cream desserts, mousse, rice pudding and semolina.

Expert teams

Our R & D team of two works very closely with our production teams to create and perfect our original recipes. Our staff know exactly what it takes to do their job and take great pride in making the finest quality products.

Ongoing, award-winning innovation

Since the very beginning, Le Petit Basque has never stopped innovating in order to ensure a constant supply of new and tasty recipes to meet consumers’ expectations. For example we launched “Douceur de Brebis” in 2016, a vanilla flavoured smooth curd made from a mix of cow and sheep’s milk, which is now our best seller and our organic chocolate sheep’s milk cream dessert won a prize at the 2019 French Agricultural Awards (Concours Général Agricole).


17,5 million litres of cow’s and sheep’s milk collected and processed

196 employees

8 000 m2 of factory space

7 production lines

19 000 tonnes of products or 146 million pots each year

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