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Le Gall Dairy Quimper

Our production process is based on genuine, traditional craftsmanship


Jean-Michel Kergoat


The Le Gall brand was created in 1923 by Jean-Marie Le Gall, who collected milk and cream from farms around the town of Quimper. Our reputation has since grown as producers of churned butter and “crème fleurette” whipping cream and today our products regularly win National Agricultural awards. Le Gall Dairy was built on the edge of Quimper in the 60s and today we process nearly 120 million litres of milk each year using largely traditonal techniques.

What makes us stand out?

Le Gall focuses on producing high value-added goods. We are the market leader in France for churned butter, crème fleurette whipping cream and unpasteurised butter. Organic products make up half of our production.

Our Master Buttermakers and Master Dairymen bring their traditional skills that have been the cornerstone of our production process for over sixty years to create products that are 100% natural and additive free with a unique and unmistakeable taste.

The size of our factory and workforce allow us the flexibility to adapt quickly in response to changing market trends.

Genuine, artisanal products made in the traditional way

Our products are made using traditional methods. Whereas butter produced industrially is made in a continual, non-stop process, our churned butter is created over 24 hours including an extended period of maturation.  Once the cream is separated from the milk, it is stocked in maturation tanks and lactic starters are added. After a fifteen hour resting period, the churning can begin under the watchful eye of a Master Buttermaker.

Our crème fleurette also undergoes a slow maturation process of several hours after a natural leavening agent is added. This step give the cream a hint of tartness together with a unique texture and flavour much sought after by professional chefs. These properties make it the ideal ingredient for whipping into Chantilly cream.

The expertise of our Master Buttermakers

The skill of our Master Buttermakers plays a crucial role in the churning process. Their eyes and ears are sensitive to any changes in the raw material and enable them to fine-tune the process, adjusting the temperature and extracting the buttermilk just at the right moment. In fact variations will naturally arise according to the season and the cows’ diet yet our four Master Buttermakers ensure the consistently high quality of the final product.

Training and innovating

Not only do we keep track of market trends but we also aim to keep innovating and so we regularly launch new products such as our luxury butter with Guerande salt crystals. We also carry out research into new types of packaging that are more eco-friendly or into ways in which our buttermilk, which is slightly sharper taste than the average buttermilk, can be used. We have practically doubled our production in under ten years and have recently trained a fourth Master Buttermaker.

We are determined to continue bringing new and different products to the consumer.


5 500 tonnes of butter and 2 500 tonnes of crème fleurette whipping cream per year

50 employees including 4 Master Buttermakers

3 000 m2 of factory space

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