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Soups and Fruit juices

40 years of making delicious soups and fruit juices

We have been cooking, preparing and packaging soups and fruit juices in our UHT production site since the beginning of the 80s. Our products are mainly organic and made with premium ingredients from sources that are selected according to our exacting quality standards.

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We prepare our soups on site using simple, high quality ingredients: vegetables, fish, seafood, cream, butter…Our soups are mostly organic and made from a mix of vegetables that are blended or creamed. We also offer soups with real pieces, something which is hard to find these days. Our teams have created all kinds of recipes for soups that can be heated up or enjoyed cold and can be adapted according to taste. Our soups come in 1 litre or 25 cl UHT cartons and are guaranteed free from additives and preservatives.

Fruit juices

We pay particular attention when selecting suppliers from both France and abroad when fruit cannot be homegrown. Our experience in pasteurising enables us to produce all kinds of juice drinks, pure juice, juice concentrate, nectar… From the ready-squeezed fruit that arrives in our factories, we create different preparations that we package in 1 litre cartons with or without a screw top, 20 cl packs and also 1 litre glass bottles.

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