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Commit to the territory

By investing at a social and economic level, as well as in local sport, SILL Entreprises has always been deeply involved in promoting this area and in giving something back to the land that nurtured the company and helped it grow.


From its beginnings hidden away in the countryside, SILL Entreprises has grown into a major player in the the local economy. We employ 1500 people and work with 550 milk producers, the vast majority of whom live in Brittany and more specifically in the county of Finistere. The commitments that management staff of SILL Entreprises put into action every day reflect our incredibly strong ties to this land and to the men and women who live here.


SILL Entreprsies has always been a part of local social networks that work towards promoting and growing our region. For example, in 1993 we played a significant role in creating Produit en Bretagne, an association that brings together manufacturers and service providers in Brittany. We are also members of Bretagne Commerce International (BCI), which aims to promote Breton know-how and economic appeal abroad and encourage foreign investments in the region. Indeed Gilles Falc’hun, was President of BCI for several years.

In fact in 2015 Gilles Falc’hun was voted Entrepreneur of the Year by French company directors. As well as being a major personal achievement, this award also put Breton know-how and particularly the expertise of SILL Entreprises firmly on the map.


SILL Entreprises is deeply involved with the promotion of Breton farming since dairy products are still a major part of our business.  We take part in a number of events and movements aimed to support and promote this sector on a national and international level: the Salon de l’Agriculture, the French Agricultural Trade Fair, that takes place every year in Paris, the Salon International de l’Elevage (SPACE : the international exhibition of livestock breeding), agricultural shows etc. For a number of years SILL Entreprises has even headed the French national federation of milk manufacturers (the FNIL).


We have every reason to make a concerted effort to promote the quality of our locally-made products and the skills that go into making them.


Our subsidiaries have also been involved in sponsoring local sporting, cultural and social events for many years. SILL Entreprises is in fact one of the oldest sponsors of the local football club, Stade Brestois, and has been a loyal supporter of the team for decades, in both League 1 and League 2. We also back another jewel in the local sporting crown: the women’s handball team, BBH – Brest Bretagne Handball. These links have been forged thanks to the strong friendships between the presidents of these sports clubs and the managing directors of SILL Entreprises which also reflect the sporting values we share: the power of working together as a team.

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