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Promoting the SILL name on an international level

A robust and reliable international network

At SILL Entreprises, a strong desire to connect with the rest of the world is in our blood: we are present in nearly 80 countries from Asia to the Americas, in Europe and in Africa. From our Breton roots, close to the sea, we have gradually grown and secured our place on the international stage, source of nearly a third of our turnover. This is possible through our reliable network of distributers and export specialists as well as our offices in Singapore and Dubai.


Our international business began in earnest in 1998 when we opened our first premises in Singapore. The objective was to take care of the sales and marketing of SILL Entreprises and its business in Asia. In 2020 we opened a second office in Dubai to work with Africa and the Middle East and to support the launch of our infant milk powder business.

By being close to our consumers, we are aware of local needs, of developing trends in the market and we can anticipate any necessary improvements required to products or packaging. As well as really understanding foreign markets, our presence abroad allows us to create a more efficient organisation. We work with a reliable network of distributers who have an in-depth knowledge of the marketplace enabling them to sell our products through the right retail outlets or local shops.


We initially started exporting dairy products, mainly butter and milk powder. Historically we have been working with the Asian market and particularly with Japan. Today we export practically all our products: ready meals, spray-dried or roller milk powder, baby milk powder, butter, cheese etc. – across all 5 continents. By keeping their finger on the pulse of changing trends, our teams create specific recipes for foreign markets such as cream cheese, not so popular in France, as well as vegan and vegetarian products, which are very popular in Asia. All our recipes are made to meet each country’s specific demands and exacting standards.


All the administrative tasks involved in exporting goods: contacting the client personally, keeping track of orders, dealing with international logistics…are all managed expertly by our teams who focus exclusively on these areas as well as all the necessary paperwork connected to legal regulations, certifications etc. Across all our business, we keep constantly updated with legal requirements in order to anticipate any new developments and act accordingly. At SILL Dairy International, one of our staff focuses solely on the regulations concerning baby milk powder for each and every country. Thanks to this person’s comprehensive knowledge of local regulations and of how they can change, we are able to fine tune the composition of our different types of milk. Furthermore, a marketing manager has been seconded to our Dubai office in order to ensure a rapid response to the changing demands of the African and Middle Eastern markets.

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