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Over the decades, SILL Entreprises has developed a wide range of dairy ingredients aimed at meeting the needs of small and large scale food industry professionals in terms of their organoleptic, nutritional or practical properties.

Indeed, by investing in research, the SILL Entreprises Group is constantly innovating in order to swiftly adapt to new consumer trends. This is how we were able to spot the specific needs of particular consumer profiles (such as babies, senior citizens, sportsmen and women) and develop the right kind of nutrition that’s perfect for them.

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Our award-winning churned butter stands out from the crowd thanks to its natural, creamy taste and rich yellow colour. Made from extra-fresh milk collected from local farms, the particular characteristics of our butter stem from using high quality raw ingredients and allowing plenty of time for the cream to mature by adding lactic starters before the churning process in traditional churning drums. 24 hours is needed to complete this process, as well as the skills of our Master Buttermakers. Ideal for baking, our superior butter gives pastries an appetising, golden colour and a deliciously rich taste.


This traditional butter is another winner at National Agricultural awards and is also the result of a gradual maturation process with lactic starters added to the cream before churning in a butter-making machine to produce a richer, more intense taste than industrial butter. Discerning taste buds will even detect a hint of hazelnut. Easy to use straight from the fridge or in cooking, our butter is the ideal ingredient in bread, cakes, pastries as well as in chocolate and sweets.


Our range includes single cream, double cream and “crème fleurette” whipping cream in both conventional and organic varieties for the professional market.

Our “crème fleurette” undergoes the maturation process with added natural leavening agent over a period of several hours. This gives a hint of tartness as well as a very unique taste and texture. The effects of this process on the fat content means that it is perfect for whipping. Greatly sought after by top chefs, our “crème fleurette” can be made naturally into whipped cream in a moment, free from any additives: no other cream on the market has these particular characteristics, the result of the skilled hand of our Master Dairymen.



Many types of cream cheese on the market today are made from a blend of low-grade cheeses. Our cream cheese is made from whole milk and cream collected from local farms which means that whether it’s “natural” (made with vegetable gum) or “processed” (with added emulsifying salts), our cream cheese has a consistently high quality all year round. It’s perfect for cheesecakes, panna cotta or for many other kinds of desserts.


The cheese industry appreciates our cheese-based products for their consistent, year-round quality and the ease with which they can be used in making fondue cheese.

Our products can be adapted to match the type of fondue cheese desired by the client. They have a shelf-life of 10 months and are delivered in 16kg packs.



Our spray-dried powdered milk is made from skimmed, semi-skimmed or whole milk and dried in a drying tower. We source our milk from farms located very close to our factory. Spray-dried milk powder is an ingredient in many food items (such as yoghurts, ice creams, pastries, baby food etc..) but can also be simply rehydrated with water. Our range of spray-dried milk powder is available in 5g sachets, 10kg or 25kg sacks right up to a 1 tonne big-bag.


SILL Entreprises is one of the leading producers of milk powder produced via the roller method in the world. In contrast to drying in a tower, milk is dried between two rotating cylinders which are heated by steam injection. This technique, also called the “hatmaker” technique, lends the powder a hint of caramel that biscuit makers and chocolate makers particularly appreciate. Containing a high level of free fatty acids and with a shiny texture, our powdered milk significantly enhances the conching process used in manufacturing chocolate.


Our “fat-filled” range are milk powders with added vegetable fats. They can be used as milk substitutes since they have similar physical and organoleptic properties and are mainly used in the production of milky drinks, yoghurts and curd.




Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for baby. However, some mothers have difficulty with breast feeding. Our team of nutrition experts has developed a complete range of infant formula to meet all baby’s nutritional needs:

  • we offer a range of products for healthy babies from 0 to 3 years,
  • For babies suffering from digestive disorders, intolerance or allergy, we have a range of specific formulas .


Between 4 and 6 months old, baby can start to eat solids. Gradually vegetables, fruit, meat, and starchy foods can be added to a milk-based diet. We have created a wide range of fruit and vegetable purees, dairy desserts, soups and sauces for baby to enjoy throughout this vital stage of development and the first three years of life.

In partnership with a team of nutritionists, we have designed different compositions, textures and quantities in our range to match the growing needs of baby.



The aging of people as well as certain pathologies (neurodegenerative diseases, cancers, dysphagia in particular) can significantly degrade their nutritional status. When protein and energy intakes are insufficient in relation to the needs of their body, then comes undernutrition. This silent disease, is a major public health issue, it affects 2 million¹ people in France.

Based on the observation that the compliance of malnourished patients with the current offer is too low to be really effective, our R&D team relied on our 3 areas of expertise (fresh dairy products, plant-based and frozen products) to create a nutritionally demanding range without compromising on taste!

¹Source : SFNEP

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