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Our traditional know-how gives pride of place to satisfying the taste buds as well as all the senses. Our ambition is to provide our consumers with the guarantee of fresh, finest quality products made according to time-honoured traditions for the enjoyment of epicureans, gourmets, cooks and baking enthusiasts everywhere! All this is only possible thanks to our highly skilled workforce and the excellent quality of our raw dairy ingredients. This passion for great-tasting, top quality products is the one thing that motivates us all.

Frédérick BOURGET

Fresh Dairy Products Division


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There is no doubt about it: milk quality depends upon good breeding conditions and a mainly grass-based diet. Our milk therefore comes from grazing cows. It’s the most natural way for cows to feed and gives us milk full of taste and rich in nutrients. Collecting from local farms near our factories means that all these essential natural properties are preserved.

Crème fraîche

We produce a wide range of Breton and French crème fraiche enjoyed by everyone from the greatest professional chefs to knowledgeable baking enthusiasts looking for an authentic-tasting product. We make our crème fraiche with specially selected milk from our partner farms. Our highly skilled Master Dairymen keep a very close eye on our crème fraiche through each and every stage of production: skimming, the addition of lactic starters and maturation.


Raw, organic, churned or made with matured cream, our traditional butter is created by our Master Buttermakers who uphold these time-honoured skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. The simple term “butter” is not in our vocabulary here – we talk of the selection of quality ingredients, of slow maturation, of churning and especially of time, time to produce one of the best butters in existence. The most sophisticated palates of gourmets far and wide have been won over by our products!

Our butters are made from cream of supreme quality, especially selected and slowly matured with lactic cultures before churning. Monitored closely by the expert eye of our Master Buttermakers, maturation can last several hours. This allows the cream to develop specific, more intense aromas and gives that unmistakeable quality to our butters.

Cream cheese

Our cream cheese is made from selected whole milk and cream that we collect directly from local farms. Served as it is, on fresh bread or used in both desserts and savoury dishes to add a delicious creaminess, the combination of prime ingredients really makes our cream cheese stand out as a truly top quality dairy product.


We have been producing yoghurts, dairy desserts with rennet (sometimes known as junket desserts) and curd from specially selected locally sourced whole milk since 1948.

Our plain, flavoured or varieties with real fruit pieces are slowly heated in smaller quantities using individual cookers in order to retain that texture and rich flavour that is the hallmark of our brands such as Malo, Le Petit Basque and Grandeur Nature.

Committed to a sustainable and eco-friendly approach, we decided, ten years ago, to relocate the production of our famous cardboard pots onto our dairy production sites in order to ensure that our products have the least possible carbon footprint on the journey to their famous truncated cone-shaped pots.

Fromage frais

There is no match for our fromage frais – it’s the tastiest and creamiest on the market! The secret? Our traditional methods which allow time for the rich, smooth texture to develop.

The fromage frais is slowly matured and then strained through large canvas bags in the traditional way which allows the liquid whey to drain slowly, drop by drop all night long, preserving the smooth texture of the cheese.

We are proud to be one of the remaining few factories still using these traditional methods which provide our consumers with a unique creamy, cheesy blend.


Chocolate fondant, chocolate mousse, cream desserts, semolina or rice puddings, all our dairy-based desserts are made in the traditional way using methods that respect the qualities of our natural ingredients.

Only the best quality ingredients are blended and gently heated to obtain an exceptionally satisfying taste and smoothness. Our traditional desserts regularly win awards at international trade fairs and have been acclaimed by some of the most demanding food critics.

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