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Providing healthy food options

Tailor-made nutrition solutions

As a major player in the agri-food sector, it is our duty to provide our consumers with products of high nutritional value as well as great taste. Yet we go one step further, offering the best food suitable for all ages, from newborns to our senior citizens. To achieve this aim, we have diversified our business and set up a network of highly organised research and development teams.


We aim to produce healthy food and for that reason we keep a very close eye on what goes into our products. We are therefore working towards a clean label: using simple ingredients, just like those you find at home, eliminating additives from our recipes and using herbs and spices.

We are simplifying and reducing the ingredients we use so that our products are as close as can be to homemade food.

Maintaining such standards of quality requires a rigourous selection of raw materials sourced as locally as possible, which is why we choose organic ingredients for our juices and soups and we have launched a range of soups made from 100% French ingredients. We only use French meat and MSC fish from sustainable fishing.


Of course, France is renowned for its gastronomy and our recipes follow in the footsteps of this great tradition by focusing on flavour and satisfying the taste buds. In order to achieve this, we work closely with Michelin-starred chef Jean-Luc L’Hourre who was awarded “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (Best Craftsman in France”) as well as with our teams of cooks and bakers whose expertise is key in the creation of our recipes.

Quality control checks are carried out all through the production process in order to uphold our exacting standards in terms of traceability, freshness and the organoleptic properties of our products which are regularly subjected to industry certifications requiring us to maintain constant vigilance with regard to excellence in food quality.


We already started using reduced salt and reduced sugar recipes over 20 years ago and our approach to nutrition became even more focused in 2010 when we launched our range of baby foods. We carried out a number of studies beforehand into the nutritional requirements of baby food products in conjunction with a centre for nutrition research. Our aim: to stand out from the crowd by providing healthy and suitable options specifically designed for babies. This work was officially approved by Valorial, an organisation promoting competitiveness in the food processing industry, in recognition of our unique and innovative approach.


More than ever, we are maintaining our partnerships with specialists in nutrition and our links with the world of research through our working collaboration with academic institutes such as INRAE, the French institute for research into agricultural science, where we have a research and development centre.

These partnerships have an influence on all aspects of a healthy balanced diet – the presence of fats and animal or plant proteins, for example – on the right portion sizes for our different products and on the necessary nutrients at all times of life: newborns, children, adults and the elderly. In 2021 we drew up a charter specifying the nutritional requirements for all our products across the whole group.


Lastly, we are also striving to reduce plastic packaging in order to avoid potential contamination of food. Our Malo and Le Petit Basque dairies were pioneers in this area by developing a wide range of cardboard pots and by relocating their suppliers right on the same site as their factories. Our goal is to achieve 100% paper-based packaging for all SILL Entreprises products within 10 years.

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