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As well as our dairy products, we have also developed true expertise in producing frozen foods and have built an excellent reputation for our puff pastry products, ready meals, appetisers and petit fours. From cocktail hour through to dessert, we have a wide variety of ready cooked specialities to suit every moment, including our plant-based product ranges. Our teams are ready to adapt each recipe in whichever way is required.


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Thanks to our mastery of the manufacturing process, our puff pastry is among the best and tastiest on the market. We are able to produce a variety of lines, ranging from different pastry types (made with butter or margarine), shapes (baskets, thin pastry cases or pies), different sizes (from 80g to 700g) and fillings (meat, seafood or vegetables).


We have the skills and the capacity to produce the vast majority of main dishes and ready meals on the market, whether made with seafood, meat, vegetables or grains. Our range includes everyday meals, festive treats or gastronomic delights. We use traditional French recipes or recipes from around the world, organic or conventional, plant-based or designed for healthy eating. We pay particular attention to selecting raw ingredients ( French “VBF/VPF” beef and pork, French poultry, seafood from MSC or ASC approved sustainable fishing) and to finding sustainable packaging options.


We have a highly developed skillset with regard to producing appetisers and petit fours. Our cooks create recipes inspired by Michelin-starred chefs and design bitesize pieces to suit every occasion (Saint Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas and New Year…) and every special celebration. Our bread and pastries are made on site by our own bakers and pastry cooks. Our sauces and toppings are produced in our own kitchen workshop. As well as offering everyday recipes, we have also designed range of festive savoury snacks using the finest ingredients (foie gras, salmon, scallops, lobster, crab…) and original yet authentic bitesize desserts.

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