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Malo Dairy in St-Malo

We are dedicated supporters of authentic, traditional craftsmanship


Xavier Macé


What makes us stand out?

Over the last fifty years we have developed true expertise in the making of milk powder using the Hatmaker method. We are the European market leader, exporting 80% of our production to chocolate makers across the world who use our milk powder to create premium quality chocolate.

Our yoghurts are made from our own locally sourced milk. We are among one of the leading producers of dairy desserts with added rennet thanks to our specialist know-how.

We believe in sustainable development and 60% of our pots can be recycled thanks to glass and cardboard packaging. In 2016, our packaging supplier, Tifany, relocated to Saint Malo, which enabled us to consolidate pot production on site and to reduce our carbon footprint.

Combining technology & traditional craftsmanship

We produce our milk powder using the Hatmaker method in which the powder is dried between two cylindrical rollers which results in a powder with a high fat content.

All our fresh products are made using authentic techniques of traditional craftsmanship. For example, our fromage frais has been produced for the past sixty years using the same ingredients and the same method in which the cheese is gradually strained through fabric bags. This traditional technique, along with the lactic cultures we use, results in a product whose creamy texture and unique taste are perfectly preserved.

Our famous cone-shaped pots make the Malo brand easily recognizable but are also designed to prevent any liquid rising to the surface, ensuring the creaminess of our yoghurts.

Dedicated staff

The quality of our dairy products and their success owe a great deal to the unique expertise of the teams who work for us and who share the same values. Over the last five years we have taken on around fifty more staff in order to meet the demands of our growing business.

Innovation & Tradition

Tradition has pride of place in our dairy, but we also never stop innovating and improving our expertise. Every year we launch a new product onto the market – lemon flavoured fromage frais, a luxury dessert range in glass pots for example – with the high quality of our dairy products always in mind, organic products make up 30% of our production of ultrafresh goods.


220 employees

25 000 m2 of factory space 

10 production lines for fresh products

2 drying process lines for milk powder

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