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Primel Traiteur in Le Pertre

All the sophistication of high quality cuisine in bitesize pieces


Pierre Chatelier

Primel Traiteur is based on the edge of Brittany in Pertre, in the county of Ille-et-Vilaine and has been specialising in top-of-the-range appetisers and petit fours since 2014. Thus, combined with Primel Gastronomie, the two plants provide a full and exclusive range of sweet and savoury appetisers.

What makes us stand out?

We are the leading producer of frozen mini cheeseburgers and also produce party snacks inspired by the cuisine of top chefs. Our workshops draw upon baking and pastrymaking skills as well as our expertise in transforming and combining quality ingredients to provide deliciously sophisticated petit fours.

We are certified IFS Food, guaranteeing that our products meet the highest international food safety standards.

Using modern technology to guarantee an excellent product

The complex process of producing bitesize pieces has been made possible by the advent of automated systems which ensure both a consistent look and taste.

We are frozen food specialists and freeze our products using cryogenics, the only method that totally preserves 100% of the organoleptic properties of the raw ingredients.

Back in 2017, our factory was one of the very first in the French agri-food industry to introduce robots. They are used to reduce the impact on our employees in the packaging process.

The professional know-how of the people behind our products

Apart from cutting edge technology, we rely on the know-how of the men and women who work at Primel Traiteur. It is their expertise in baking and pastry making that ensures the smooth running of the production process and their professional approach is a guarantee of excellence and great tasting products. Production may be on an industrial scale but the finishing touches are done delicately by hand – the perfect marriage of efficiency and craftsmanship.

Ongoing innovation

Our Research and Development department has a staff of six professionals (cooks, bakers, pastrycooks and technicians). They work closely with production teams to devise original bitesize pieces, inspired by gastronomic recipes, that will then be produced on an industrial scale.  This gives us a great deal of flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing needs.

Each year our teams develop nearly 300 different recipes to meet new consumer trends and to help our clients continually refresh their product ranges.

key figures

Over 30 millions pieces per year

A factory space of 4 700 m2

2 production lines

130 employees

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