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Primel Gastronomie in Plougasnou & Plabennec

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Primel Gastronomie is specialised in frozen foods and is the result of a merger between Primel Gastronomie in Plougasnou and Compagnie Artique in Plabennec. Our Plougasnou site has always focused on the production of frozen ready meals whereas the Plabennec site produces puff pastries dishes, seafood casseroles and a vegetarian range. Primel Gastronomie makes over 50 million products every year.

What makes us stand out?

Primel Gastronomie has a flexible organisational structure over two well proportioned sites, enabling our teams to switch production processes to meet demand several times a day. From the moment raw ingredients arrive to the final checking of the finished product, our lab carries out bacteriological and physicochemical analyses at every step of the way.

Primel Gastronomie is well-known for its culinary know-how, whether making everyday dishes or recipes for special occasions or its excellent puff pastry. The company also stands out from the crowd for its ability to innovate and adapt the market trends (such as using natural, plant-based and organic ingredients).

Using modern technology to guarantee an excellent product

Primel Gastronomie has 10 production lines and 2 workshops specially for cooking starchy foods and for preparing fish.

We use different types of freezing processes: IQF (Individuel Quick Frozen) for products in sachets (using liquid nitrogen at -50° C preserves the organoleptic properties of our recipes) and the traditional freezing process for our other products (freezers in which cold air at -35° C circulates).

We are also experts in an innovative process in which puff pastry is produced continually and to a high quality that is recognized by food industry professionals and much appreciated by consumers.

Our plant-based range is produced using a highly efficient system of moulding and extrusion that provides professionals and consumers with a plant-based alternative to animal proteins.

The professional know-how of the people behind our products

The expertise and culinary knowledge of our staff are essential ingredients in the success of our products. By using specialised baking skills, such as knowing just how to incorporate the butter in between the layers of pastry, we produce consistently high quality traditional puff pastry.

Our professional cooks are the ones who think up new products by applying all their culinary expertise from the initial R & D phase right up to production on an industrial scale. Behind our technology their are men and women with passion and dedication!

Innovation, innovation, innovation!

Innovation runs through every area of our production: in the IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) process, in puff-pastry making, in preparing for cooking au gratin, in ensuring the use of natural ingredients, in creating gastronomic recipes, in keeping up with the trend for plant-based food – we have been innovating in all these areas over the last thirty years.

There are thirteen people in our Research and Development department who work on 1000 to 1200 new projects each year. By constantly innovating we are able to create new recipes that meet the demands of our clients and the expectations of consumers.

key figures

A factory space of  19 000 m2  Plougasnou and 8 500 m2 in Plabennec

330 employees

10 production line

1 kitchen workshop

1 fish preparation workshop


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