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Our factory was designed with all the latest industry regulations in mind


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SILL Dairy International is based in the town of Landivisiau and specialises in the production of baby milk powder. This factory marks the beginning of a whole new area of business for SILL Entreprises. Production capacity is due to reach 18,000 tonnes per year, mainly for the export market.

What makes us stand out

Everything at SILL Dairy International is geared towards producing one single product: baby milk powder. We use cutting edge equipment designed with the very latest technology that respects the strictest industry regulations for food hygiene.

In terms of food safety, our in-depth bacteriological analyses go way beyond European recommendations. Based on site, our lab runs physicochemical analyses at every stage of the production process. Our standards are just as exacting when selecting suppliers and ensuring the quality of our raw ingredients.

Using modern technology to guarantee food safety

Our production process uses innovative and highly efficient technology. This process is entirely automated using MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software to ensure food safety and traceability. This highly accurate tool provides optimises the workflow and guarantees consistent product quality according to pre-specified standards 365 days a year.

Cutting edge premises

Our factory is built in line to allow a forward flow of production. In order to elminate any contamination, the final product is never in contact with raw ingredients at any point in the process. The factory is equipped with a drying tower.

The production of baby milk powder is subject to extremely strict hygiene regulations and exacting standards in terms of bacteriology. Our factory has been specifically designed to be separated into key zones of increasing safety levels. The most sensitive stages of production are subject to overpressurisation in the same way as a laboratory cleanroom. Wherever bacteriological contamination is a possibility, the air is filtered and treated, and the temperature and hygrometry monitored and maintained at a specific level. Dry zones are also kept entirely separate from humid zones.

Highly trained staff

Our production teams have completed a special training course for producing baby milk powder and using MES software. They are also fully aware of the exacting standards of food hygiene and safety.

key figures

18 000 tonnes of baby milk powder per year           

85 employees

A factory space of 24 000 m2 

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