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Sill Plouvien

« Notre force est dans la diversité de nos métiers »






The SILL factory has a rich history dating back to 1962 in the small town of Plouvien, just next to the coastal area of Aber Benoît. At first the business focused on collecting cream from neighbouring farms, then milk, and then grew into buttermaking. The company’s know-how is spread across three departments: fresh dairy products, nutrition & ingredients and soups & fruit juices.

What makes us stand out

The SILL Entreprises plant in Plouvien produces our widest range of products: soups, fruit juices, milk powder, UHT milk, babyfood, butter, cream and fondue cheese. It is from this site that we also export a great deal of our products.

We pay particular attention to the ingredients that we use. We produce 60 million litres of soup per year, making us one of the leading manufacturers in France.

Technology at our fingertips

Over the years of growth and expansion, we have continually updated our technology in order to keep up with the demand for fresh and UHT products and for milk powder, which we produce using the spray drying method. We use three different types of packaging according to clients’ requirements: Tetra pak, Elopak or Combibloc.

In our creamery you will find only traditional craftsmanship. We use two churning techniques: continuous churning in a butter making machine and in a churning drum. The key to a traditional approach is allowing the cream to undergo a long process of organic maturation after adding lactic starters. By mastering these techniques we can provide tailor-made products for our clients.

Our multi-talented teams

We are equipped with fourteen production lines, each specialised in a particular type of expertise. Our Research and Development department works closely on all our product lines.

Improving quality through innovation

Fire destroyed our drying tower in 2019 but gave us the opportunity to create a new version with hygiene standards that go beyond the usual regulations. Our tower has been built to the strictest norms, ready for production in 2021.

We are constantly on the lookout for new recipes for our soups and fruit juices. Unlike conventional existing markets, our fondue cheese is entirely produced on the premises using fresh milk and cream.

Key figures

320 employees

14 production line

A factory space  of 50 000 m2 

170 million litres of conventional milk and 30 million litres of organic milk produced

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