Grandeur Nature

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Grandeur Nature – all the goodness of Nature!

poulet legumes grandeur nature

Grandeur nature has been committed to organic farming since 1992. Every year, we create new recipes to keep up with our customers’ demands for a healthy, well balanced diet.

By maintaining this level of commitment, Grandeur Nature has become known as the benchmark for quality organic products among specialist organic retailers.

Dairy products: butter, milk, crème fraîche, cheese spreads, yoghurts, “petits suisses”, fromage frais, luxury desserts.

  • Soups: puréed soups, creamy soups, gluten-free recipes, gaspachos
  • Baby food as well as frozen ready meals and juices.

By sharing the skills available across the SILL group, Grandeur Nature is able to provide one the widest ranges of organic products on the market, making the brand a leader in the field.


 poireaux pommes de terrecailles brebis