Le petit basque

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LE PETIT BASQUE, A real taste of nature

yaourt au lait de brebisAs a specialist in sheep’s milk and luxury desserts, LE PETIT BASQUE has had a reputation for top quality products for many years.

The Alcacheberry family, who began the company as a small dairy, would never have imagined that, over the years, it was destined to become No. 1 in the sheep’s milk yoghurt market.

LE PETIT BASQUE DAIRY never compromises on the quality and authenticity of their products. By selecting only the best milk, paying close attention to every detail of the production process and ensuring a skilled workforce, they guarantee that Le Petit Basque products are of exceptional quality.

Yet over the years LE PETIT BASQUE has been able to combine a traditional approach with modern methods. Through extensive innovation, the brand has brought a breath of fresh air to a growing market.

Sheep’s milk has not always had a good reputation but it is in fact a rich, creamy milk which is very easy to digest – something our older generations have known all about for many years!