Le Gall launches its new mini butter portions in 5 x 25g packs

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Published on 09 June

Le Gall has brought out a new range in mini sizes – for a whole lot more flavour!

Butter with a taste of the seaside: seaweed and “fleur de sel”

Full of iodine, this churned butter with a fresh taste is made using three different types of seaweed collected from the north coast of Brittany: dulse, sea lettuce and nori. A touch of “fleur de sel” brings out the taste of any dish – whether it be a home cooked basic meal or sophisticated cuisine.

Butter with a taste of the countryside: unsalted and with parsley and garlic

A real churned butter, our unsalted version is full of all the flavour that comes from slowly matured cream. Our “persillade” version (finely chopped parsley and garlic) is perfect with meat, delicious with snails or clams and ideal added to steamed vegetables.